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October 3rd , 2013

Welcome to Goodman Medical Ireland Ltd.

Goodman Medical Ireland Premises

About us
Goodman Medical Ireland Ltd (GMIL) is a subsidiary of Goodman Co. Ltd., headquartered in Nagoya, Japan.

Goodman Medical Ireland Ltd (GMIL) was established in Galway in 2004 for the manufacture and development of Cardiovascular Catheters. You can learn more about the GMIL products, markets and careers on this site.

Our Corporate Objective

The Dream of Long Life and Good Health.

We know that no one can escape aging, but who doesn't dream of long life and good health?

We at Goodman take great pride in our work, because our aim is to help make people's dream of long life and good health a reality.
We believe it is our duty to develop and introduce medical equipment that supports the latest medical techniques, and to promote
the use of this technology to serve both the individual patient and the public as a whole.

Goodman has made this happen by being actively engaged in the introduction of breakthrough minimally invasive catheters for safe
and quick diagnosis and treatment in the cardiovascular field. Goodman will constantly continue to develop and introduce the tools
and equipment to meet the needs of the user.


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