We know that no one can escape aging, but who doesn’t dream of long life and good health?

We at Goodman take great pride in our work, because we aim at realising people’s dreams of long life and good health. The medical field continues to make dramatic progress year after year; progress that realizes people’s dreams for a better life. This progress is the combined result of excellence in medical techniques, equipment and medicines. We believe that it is our duty to develop and introduce medical equipment that supports the latest medical techniques, and to promote the use of this technology to serve both the individual patient and the public as a whole.

Goodman has been active in developing and introducing medical technology and equipment, primarily involving catheters, for the diagnosis and treatment of disease.

Such technology and equipment enable revolutionary, less-invasive, safe and more efficient cardiovascular diagnosis and treatment systems. Catheter based techniques are already well established and continue to develop. Today, the most advanced medical techniques and equipment are being fine-tuned to achieve less invasive, safer, more effective and more efficient diagnosis and treatment.

Goodman’s goal of realizing the dream of long life and good health is at one with the goal of the medical world. We move ahead, rather than remain in one place. We continue to serve the general public and help enhance healthcare at the cutting edge of the ever progressing medical world, by developing, importing, manufacturing and selling primarily cardiovascular but also neurological, digestive and urological diagnostic and treatment equipment, always remembering our Dream.

Our activities

Goodman serves society through the development, manufacture, import, and sale of products featuring the most advanced medical technology, mainly in the field of cardiology.

In the 1970s, Goodman was quick to notice the great future potential of advanced medical technology that made its appearance in the field of interventional cardiology for the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

Since then, Goodman has committed itself in the development and introduction of medical diagnostic equipment and treatment instruments such as catheters, while at the same time developing Japan’s first software for heart function image analysis. Goodman is unique in the field of catheters and related products, in that we develop and introduce products responsive to user needs that are unique to Japan based on the rich experience, knowledge and know-how we have accumulated through our sales activities.

In recent years, we have also been actively developing and manufacturing our own products, launching the BMS stent, the various Balloon Catheters, the Guide Catheter and the Catheter Introducer, among others. Our effort to respond to our users’ needs continues. Goodman continues to contribute to the enhancement of people’s health by providing the most advanced medical technology and products, focusing on interventional cardiology.

Technological and Developmental Capabilities

As pioneers in the field of cardiology, where rapid technological innovation continues, we at Goodman continue to improve our technological and developmental capabilities.

Goodman has developed and introduced the most advanced medical technology in the field of cardiology, thereby establishing a new market. In the field of diagnostic equipment, we have established new technologies and offer products such as catheters that emit ultrasound waves to examine blood vessel interiors; and a blood flow measuring device that uses Doppler ultrasound signals. In the field of treatment instruments, we have marketed innovative new devices developed with a vision unhindered by the notion of conventional treatment tools.

In the field of artificial organs, we have developed and introduced artificial heart valves, as well as artificial blood vessels using a new material (polyurethane), gradually broadening our market niche.
Developmental and technological innovations in medical care are progressing quickly. We must promptly and accurately respond to the needs of the times. Toward this end, we continue striving to upgrade the specialized knowledge and technical skills of the Goodman staff.

Information Capability

We develop and introduce the most advanced medical technology and equipment on the strength of our capability to gather the latest information from overseas sources. Taking advantage of the international reputation we have nurtured over many years, we tap a network of Japanese and international physicians and specialists, and survey scientific journals and other sources to acquire the latest information ahead of other companies, thereby enabling our introduction of innovative and important medical technology. Such activities of ours are highly praised by the Japanese medical community.

Future Potential

The world’s most advanced medical technology is moving towards less invasive, safer, surer and faster diagnosis and treatment. The graying of the Japanese population means a large increase in adult health disorders is anticipated. At present, heart disease is the No. 2 cause of death in Japan, after cancer. Demand is constantly growing for advanced medical technology that ensures better diagnosis and treatment in cardiology.

Goodman continues its effort to develop and introduce medical technology that realizes less-invasive, safer, more effective and more efficient diagnosis and treatment. We are also determined to develop our own products and diversify our product lines based on our rich knowledge, experience and know-how, making full use of information obtained from overseas sources and closely responding to the needs of the medical profession in Japan. Goodman promises further advances in medical technology.