Lacrosse NSE ALPHA (Scoring)

img_nse-alphaThree flexible nylon elements along the outside of the balloon ensure deliverability through tortuous vasculature while: minimizing the occurrence of balloon slippage during inflation for in-stent restenosis, tapered and ostial lesions; minimizing plaque shift for bifurcation lesions; creating a scoring effect for lesion types that are typically difficult to dilate such as calcification; and is ideal for lesion preparation for use in combination with new technologies such as Drug-Coated Balloons and Bioresorbable Vascular Scaffolds.



LAXA (Semi-compliant)

img_laxaLacrosse was quick to gain a favorable reputation as a leading ‘first choice’ balloon catheter in the Japanese market. Through Goodman’s dedication to continuous improvement, the base technology of Lacrosse has proven to be fundamental in ensuring the next generation semi-compliant catheter ‘LAXA’, remains at the forefront of innovation and design.

With exceptionally low crossing profile and highly deliverabele construction, the 1.0mm balloon is ideal for crossing CTO lesions, while the ‘tapered Lacrosse’, with unique tapered balloon design offers exceptional crossability for highly stenosed lesions and deliverability for delicate operations such as the crossing into side branches or through stent struts.



Powered Lacrosse 2 (Non-compliant)

img_p-lacrosse2Utilizing balloon material that offers flexibility while facilitating high pressure, Powered Lacrosse 2 provides reliable expansion to target size with a super low compliance of within 5% difference in balloon diameter between nominal and rated burst pressure inflation.