Goodman Products

Duraflex (SUS-BMS)

img_duraflexThe stainless steel Duraflex stent was commercially released in Japan in December, 2003, and has demonstrated excellent long term performance in several countries.  Duraflex encompasses the highly regarded attributes of flexibility and crossability required for use in difficult cases (tortuous vessels, calcification etc), while the unique design of the links and crowns gives the stent construction superior radial strength and conformability. The cell design of Duraflex also allows for excellent sidebranch access given that up to a 3.5mm cell diameter can be achieved.


img_okay2Unlike other PTCA Y connector accessories used when treating patients with ischemic heart disease, OKAY II reduces blood loss during procedures through the use of a hemostatic valve not featured on conventional Y connectors. Its large 3.33mm (10F) inner diameter facilitates a variety of PCI devices and techniques, and a new feature of being able to lock the one-touch style hemostatic valve in the open position has been added.


img_lacrosseGoodman’s first domestically produced PTCA balloon. The 0.0165 inch profile yielded from the distal tip’s (G-tip) proprietary un-heated manufacturing and the application of a smooth taper make entry into severely stenosed lesions easy. Furthermore, the flexible, low-profile balloon, increased-rigidity spiral construction strong proximal shaft and other innovative technologies provide exceptional lesion crossability.



Tapered Lacrosse

img_t-lacrosseWith a unique tapered balloon design, Tapered Lacrosse offers exceptional tapered crossability for highly stenosed lesions, and deliverability for delicate operations such as the crossing of stent struts.





Powered Lacrosse (Non compliance)

img_p-lacrosseBased on the Lacrosse platform, ‘Powered Lacrosse’ is a top-class, low compliance balloon. Utilizing balloon material that offers flexibility while facilitating high pressure, Powered Lacrosse provides reliable expansion to target size with a super low compliance of within 5% difference of nominal diameter when inflated to Rated Burst Pressure.



Lacrosse NSE (Non Slip Element)

img_nseAs the newest member of the Lacrosse line-up, the three flexible nylon elements placed along the outside of the balloon of Lacrosse NSE ensure deliverability through tortuous vasculature while dramatically reducing the occurrence of slippage during inflation for in-stent restenosis, calcified, tapered, tortuous, bifurcated and ostial lesion types.




img_dioDio is a versatile catheter that offers broad range of functionality for the physician. The inner catheter (based on Lacrosse technology) provides for safe delivery of the outer catheter while facilitating deep insertion for the most complex of lesions and vasculature. The substantially large 1.51mm inner lumen of the outer catheter ensures powerful aspiration and provides the extra back-up force required for delivering stents for even the most problematic of cases.




Rebirth Pro

img_rebirthRebirth Pro offers the physician a choice of either 6Fr or 7Fr catheters. A kink-resistant construction achieved via a fine balance of flexible materials and braided tubing provides advanced operability. A constant and remarkably large cross sectional lumen area yields strong aspiration functionality while reducing the procedural time.





img_profitUtilizing an elastic polymer material and improvements to the braided structure create a flexible, yet rigid shaft. This results in greater handling properties and kink resistance. A large internal diameter (0.071”) and PTFE liner offering a low frictional coefficient make it well-suited for KBT and CMT procedures. The outer edge of the soft tip is rounded to alleviate vessel damage.